Omron low-profile FPC connector with 0.25 mm pitch

omron_connector.jpgOmron will launch a low-profile XF3C FPC connector with a pitch of only 0.25 mm, in early September. The XF3C represents a 20% reduction in footprint compared to previous Omron connectors. There has been an increase in the use of FPC connectors with impact-resistant backlock mechanisms for mobile devices such as cellular phones, MP3 players, and notebook PCs. In response, Omron developed the XF3C connector, which has a pitch of 0.25 mm, a depth of 3.8 mm (when locked), and a footprint approximately 20% smaller than that of previous Omron connectors, which had a 0.3 mm pitch.

Within its 0.85 mm height, the Omron low-profile XF3C FPC connector contains the contact structure for both the upper and lower contacts, eliminating the need to differentiate between them and in turn contributing to the standardization of connectors.