One billion Yen Christmas tree on display at Takashimaya department store in Tokyo

The swank Takashimaya department store in Tokyo unveiled a golden Christmas tree adorned with gold ornaments worth a staggering 1 billion yen ($10 million). The 2-meter-tall tree is part of a gold exhibit taking place at the store’s Nihonbashi branch. Hanging from the golden Christmas tree branches are a golden brandy cup worth 3.36 million yen ($34056) and a playing card made of pure gold, valued of 930,000 yen ($9402). A candle holder and a coffee cup worth 33 million yen ($334488) and seven million yen ($70770), respectively, are showcased at its base.

Takashimaya has enjoyed strong sales of high-end items since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe launched his economic revival strategy following the Liberal Democratic Party’s return to power last December. The exhibition will continue until Sept. 30.

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