Orc king Grubby joins Team Razer’s stable of sponsored teams

Razer today announced that Grubby has joined Team Razer’s stable of sponsored teams. Grubby will be an integral part of MYM’s Warcraft III team. As an Orc king, Grubby has seen immense success at an international level, having been chosen four times as WC3L’s Most Valuable Player, twice as eSports WC3’s Player of the Year and one eSports Player of the Year award in 2006. With Grubby’s inclusion into MYM, Team Razer now has the best mix of Warcraft III players globally.

Grubby joins other Warcraft III luminaries like his MYM compatriot Jang “Moon” Jae Ho who is considered the best Night Elf player in the world and Li “Sky” Xiaofeng from Team WE, considered the best Human player in the world.