OSD launches 176xRGBx220 resolution AMOLED Display

OSD Displays released AMOLED technology into mass production. AMOLED technology has made its debut in R&D and demonstrations for many years, but AMOLED is now reaching the larger stage for customer applications. With 2.0″ diagonal and QCIF resolution the viewing properties of OLED technology are eye-popping. The benefit of AMOLED allows improved support for higher-resolution and size without significant sacrifice to reliability. The panel offers an amazing brightness, color quality, and viewing performance associated with OLED technology. OLED technology is capable already to support surplus full motion video frame rates for a variety of multimedia applications.

This ultra-compact design measures only 38.0 x 68.8 x 1.3 mm (LxWxD) and an extended temperature range documented at -20C to +70C operational.