Panasonic Develops Mass Production Technology For Far-Infrared Aspherical Lens

Panasonic today announced that it has developed a technology for the mass production of far-infrared aspherical lenses suitable for improving the performance of cameras and sensors. These lenses are made of chalcogenide glass having excellent transmission characteristics in the far-infrared. In addition to realizing low-cost (approx. half compared to the company’s conventional method) by newly developed glass molding method and mold processing technology.

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Panasonic is able to offer a variety of lenses such as diffractive lens, the world’s first highly hermetic frame-integrated lens without using adhesive (leak detection accuracy of less than 1×10-9 Pa・m3/sec in helium leak test). Panasonic is now accepting prototype orders. By realizing mass production of low-cost and high-quality far-infrared aspherical lenses, the company will contribute to the spread and higher performance of far-infrared sensor modules.

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