Panasonic to open Cloud-Based Wonder Life-BOX 2020 showcase in Panasonic Center Tokyo

panasonic_wonder_Life-Box_2020Panasonic will open on June 7 a new showcase called Wonder Life-BOX 2020 in the Panasonic Center Tokyo. Panasonic is striving to create A Better Life, A Better World for each and every customer. At the same time, the company is stepping up its efforts to shift its focus to the B2B market while preserving its DNA inherited from consumer electronics. The Wonder Life-BOX 2020 is part of the company’s initiative for accelerating such efforts.

Panasonic_VoiceInteractive_kitchen_Wonder Life-BOX 2020'
Voice interactive My Professional Kitchen makes cooking fun, with a display system showing recipe suggestions according to ingredients you have. You can cook while interacting with the system by voice and publish your recipes via the Web. With a smart screen, this living/dining/kitchen (LDK) creates an environment conducive for family gathering and relaxation. The screen shows live video tailored to the viewer’s tastes and allows the user to make restaurant reservations and monitor home energy use in real time.
Panasonic_DigitalMirror_Wonder Life-BOX 2020The bathroom has a mirror on the wall, a body composition monitor embedded in the floor and cameras. Just by standing in front of the mirror, health signs, such as weight, heart rate and scalp conditions, will be checked to help you stay healthy. Virtual makeup and fitting system detects skin conditions and gives makeup and anti-aging tips.
PANASONIC_SleepingQualityCheck_Wonder Life-BOX 2020The bedroom is equipped with devices including a millimeter wave radar that checks if you are getting quality sleep and provides optimum lighting and air conditions to support good sleep. The new exhibition space is designed to present Panasonic’s vision for a quality lifestyle in 2020 utilizing cloud technologies, embodying the company’s brand slogan, A Better Life, A Better World. The Wonder Life-BOX 2020 will open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese holidays beginning June 7.

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