Panasonic compact fluorescent light bulb cuts down CO2 emissions and electricity bills by 80%!

Panasonic on Monday announced the new Pa-Look Ball Premium Q compact fluorescent light bulbs with the industry’s first “hybrid lighting method” that enables instant brightness. Energy-efficient fluorescent light are considered unsuitable for places where they are turned on and off frequently, such as bathrooms, as they could not light up as instantly as incandescent bulbs. To solve the problem, Panasonic has successfully developed the “hybrid lighting method” by installing a newly-developed compact “quick lamp” in the center of the spiral arc tube structure inside the pear-shaped Premium Q fluorescent light capsules. The “quick lamp” allows the bulb to obtain 60% of full brightness within the first second after it is turned on, which is 50% faster than current Pa-Look Ball Premium bulbs and stands as the industry’s quickest ramp-up time. A built-in timer automatically turns off the “quick lamp” when the spiral arc tube lamp develops enough brightness.The new Panasonic Premium Q bulbs achieve brightness equivalent to that of 54-watt incandescent bulbs with an energy consumption of only 10-watts, cutting down CO2 emissions and electricity bills by 80%.

The Palook Ball Premier Q comes in three types, namely, the A-type measuring 55mm in outer diameter, the D-type with an exposed spiral arc tube and the G-type with a spherical shape measuring 90mm in outer diameter. Two colors are available for all types: the incandescent color and the cool color, which looks whiter. The new Panasonic Premium Q last approximately 13,000 hours and can be switched on and off approximately 40,000 times and will be available in Japan starting this July.