Panasonic develops ultrahigh accurate 3D Profilometer with a unique probe

Panasonic has developed an ultrahigh accurate three-dimensional profilometer with a unique, newly-developed probe. The new machine can measure surface profiles including pores at least 50 μm in diameter within a flat surface area of 100 mm in length and width and a vertical surface of a micromachined sensor to an accuracy of ±0.15 μm. The measurement can be done at a speed of 2 mm per second. This new 3D profilometer responds to increasing needs for extremely accurate measurement of high-precision components used in such products as mobile phones and automobiles to name a few.

Panasonic’s new profilometer can measure surface profiles of not only such components themselves but also the interior and exterior walls of their metal molds accurately at a submicron order. The new contact profilometer will help make the products even smaller and more sophisticated. It will also help increase production efficiency and reduce lead time.