Panasonic MN103L series of microcomputers cut power consumption by about 50%

Panasonic’s new new series of 32-bit microcomputers help lower power consumption and reduce costs of electrical and electronic equipment. The new series of Panasonic 32-bit microcomputers with built-in flash memory contributes to energy-saving and system cost reduction of in-car electronics, office equipment, and household electrical appliances. These new microcomputers contribute to improving performance and energy-saving of the equipment in which they are used by achieving a good balance between performance and low power consumption. Especially, the new microcomputers are suitable for equipment requiring low power consumption in stand-by mode.

The Panasonic microcomputers facilitate miniaturization and cost reduction of the equipment by reducing the number of parts necessary for the equipment, such as external EEPROM, and integrating an oscillator into the microcomputers. Panasonic will start volume shipment of the MN103L series microcomputers in January, 2011.