Panasonic Noise Cancellation Headphones

untitled%202.jpgPanasonic announced the launch of 3 models of headphones with noise cancellation function. Noise-cancelling headphones reduce unwanted ambient sounds (i.e., acoustic noise) by means of active noise control. Keeping noise low at the ear makes it possible to enjoy music without raising the volume unnecessarily in places like market, public transport etc. Also high volume damages the ear also. The three models from Panasonic are HC500, HC150 and HC30. Noise cancellation is approximately 92% with model HC500 and 75% with models HC150 and HC30. All the models use neodymium magnetic driver for high quality treble reproduction. Ear phone type model HC 150 is foldable so you can easily carry with you.

Model HC500 weighs approximately170g, HC150 150g and HC30 approximately 25g (all without battery). The three new models of Panasonic noise cancellation headphones will be available from April 9th with price tag for RP-HC500 approximately 18,000 Yen ($153), RP-HC150 approximately 5,000 Yen ($42) and ear phone type RP-HC30 approximately7,000 Yen (60).