Panasonic Security Cameras-VL-CM140KT and VL-CM160KT shows Images on TV via LAN

Panasonic today unveiled two types of Security Cameras-VL-CM140KT and VL-CM160KT equipped with a sensor, which can operate in concert with the Panasonic’s flat screen TV VIERA. When the Security Camera is connected with a compatible model of VIERA via LAN, images shot with the camera can be viewed on the TV screen. It is designed to monitor various places on private property, such as the garage and entrance. The two Panasonic Security Cameras the VL-CM140KT and VL-CM160KT, are both for outdoor use. They are fixed-focus cameras equipped with a 1/4-inch 320,000-pixel CMOS image sensor. The VL-CM160KT has a white LED light in the camera unit to illuminate the object when the sensor is activated. The focal range is 0.3m or farther. The cameras output JPEG-compressed images frame by frame. Both models are powered from a power supply unit provided with the product via a LAN cable that works also for the network connection. They can be installed under the eaves, etc, because the camera unit has a rainproof performance equivalent to JIS waterproof grade 3. They are operable in ambient temperatures from -20 to +50°C.

When the camera is connected to a compatible VIERA model via a LAN, images shot with the camera can be displayed on the TV screen using the remote control. If the sensor is activated when the TV is on, a message to inform the user of the activation is displayed on the screen. The compatible models of VIERA are the TH-50PX80, TH-42PX80, TH-37PX80, TH-32LX80, TH-26LX80, TH-20LX80 and TH-17LX8 as of Jan 21, 2008. oth cameras are slated for launch on April 21, 2008.