Panasonic VIERA TH-32LX65/ TH-26LX65 LCD TV’s

The new Panasonic VIERA 32-inch TH-32LX65 and 26-inch TH-26LX65 are High Definition LCD TV’s with brilliant picture quality, at 1,366 x 768 resolution. The VIERA models feature Panasonic’s LCD AI technology which incorporates unique Active Light Control and Active Contrast/ Gamma Control functions to create greater brightness, deeper blacks and superior gradation. With built in BS/110 CS digital tuner and analog VHF/UHF/CATV tuner each.Panasonic TH-32LX65/ TH-26LX65 models offer realistic, natural colors, through the best possible combination of contrast, brightness and gradation. As for input/output terminal common to both models:-HDMI input ×1, D4 input ×2, composite input ×4, S image input ×3, composite monitor output ×1, S monitor output ×1, SD card slot, monitor voice response ×1 and optical digital voice response ×1. Both models create an ‘entertainment centerpiece’ in the home, with high-quality built-in speakers on both sides of the screen for outstanding stereo sound (10W×2ch).

Panasonic VIERA 32-inch TH-32LX65 measures 791×300×615mm, weighs 20kg while model TH-26LX65 measures 657×300×525mm and weighs 16.5kg. Model TH-32LX65 is available for approximately 250,000 Yen ($2,180) and the TH-26LX65 for 210,000 Yen ($1,830) from 1st September.
Via Panasonic (Japanese)