Panasonic warm water wash toilet seat with “Shooting Target” function

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. will launch four new models of its warm water wash toilet seat equipped with the “Shooting Target” function designed to prevent urine splash when men use the bathroom. A sensor unit and a LED light are provided at the proximal end of a wash nozzle so that the light indicates the target point upon opening the toilet lid. Consistent with the product concept of greater cleanliness, the surface of the seat is coated with silicone to prevent adhesion of oil. Instant hot bidet seat is adopted again in the new models. When the sensor detects a person entering the bathroom, it starts heating the toilet seat.The seat is heated quickly by near infrared lamp heater placed in the toilet seat. The top side of toilet seat is made of aluminum alloy with high thermal efficiency. Instead of using a tank that constantly keeps the water warm, the new products heat the wash water each time the bathroom is used in order to reduce power consumption.

The new models of Panasonic warm water wash toilet seat equipped with the “Shooting Target” function will be available from November 1,2006.The high end model “Beauty Toilette DL-GWN70” will cost approximately 135,450 Yen ($1,165). Price for the other models DL-GWN50, DL-GWN40 and DL-GWN20 still not decided.
Via techon