Pillow as a sleep health management tool

It is a well known fact that whatever may be our busy work schedules and social commitments, we must get a good night’s sleep to keep us physically and mentally refreshed, as well to protect us from serious diseases. Keeping this in mind Lofty Japan in assistance with assistance from Professor Hideki Tanaka of the Hiroshima International University psychological department has launched an electronic pillow “Don’t you think?” which analyzes the sleep pattern and helps you to have a sound, healthy sleep. The pillow studies your sleep pattern and the conditions of internal organs while you sleep. With all the data collected the pillow calculates “degree of sleeping pleasantly”.

The pillow is made of three layers with different materials. The scan sensor is in the inner layer made of polyvinyl chloride. The sensor is powered by AC adaptor or easily available batteries. The pillow measures 80×38cm and is available in Japan for approximately 47,250 Yen ($400) from Lofty on line.