PNY launches Portable PowerPack line of mobile chargers with unique digital display

PNY recently announced the launch of the new portable PowerPack line of mobile chargers, featuring models with charging capacities of 7800mAh, 5200mAh, and 2600mAh. The new portable PowerPack line of mobile chargers from PNY keeps your smartphones and tablets charged while on the go. PNY PowerPacks are universal rechargeable backup batteries, ideal for use with digital devices that accept a USB charge – such as Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry. All PNY PowerPack models feature a convenient on/off power switch and unique digital display, so you’ll always know exactly how much charging power you have left.

The durable design is constructed with high-end, silver-brushed aluminum housing, offering users a compact, portable, and stylish design. Each PowerPack comes with an included 20” Micro USB cable – which easily recharges the PowerPack and also supports charging to Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices. The PowerPack also accepts an Apple charging cable, for charging your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. PNY PowerPack 2600 is available for approximately$39.99, PowerPack 5200 for $59.99 and PowerPack 7800 for $79.99.

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