Polaroid photo of JFK Assassination to fetch between $500,000 -2 Million dollars on eBay?

JFKhillzapruder.jpgOn the fateful day of November 22, 1963, Dallas resident Mary Ann Moorman attended the fatal motorcade of President John F. Kennedy. Standing at the curb on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, across the street from what is now known as “the grassy knoll,” Ms. Moorman took Polaroid pictures of the motorcade while only a few feet away from the President at the moment he was assassinated. The photograph was made with a Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A. It has faded over the last forty years but is still identifiable as the “Moorman Polaroid”. In the days following the assassination, the original was used by police investigators. During that time it was permanently marred by a thumbprint on the right of center of the photo.

Evidence from this photo has been the subject of continuing debates regarding the events of that day. This photograph has played a significant role in the documentation and study of President Kennedy’s assassination. Now Ms.Moorman and Legend Sales are putting this original Polaroid photo up for auction on eBay for sale to the highest bidder. According to Legend Sales the auction will run for 10 days starting Monday and they are expecting the photo to bring between $500,000 and 2 Million dollars. To prove the authenticity of the photo Ms. Moorman herself is available to authenticate.