Powermat unveils revolutionary Wireless Charging Products at CES 2009

Powermat revolutionary wireless-energy products unveiled at CES 2009 are capable of delivering real time, wireless charging for portable electronic devices including iPods, iPhones, Blackberry and mobile phones, GPS, handheld games and even laptop computers. While numerous attempts have been made over the years to bring a viable consumer-friendly product to the market, only Powermat from Israel has succeeded in off¬ering a full range of products that will radically change the way consumers view and utilize the charging of their devices. Based on principles of magnetic induction, Powermat technology renders traditional conductive charging technology obsolete, in favor of an entirely new energy distribution process.

With the introduction of over 15 groundbreaking wireless charging products, Powermat showcases an impressive array of simple to use charging solutions that enhance consumers’ lives by providing an unsurpassed level of freedom, convenience and simplicity. The new Powermat product line will be available for purchase in retail stores in 2009.