Pure Digital TEMPUS-1S DAB digital radio with natural sounds

TEMPUS-1S is the third generation of the multi-award-winning TEMPUS family of DAB bedside radios from Pure Digital. To aid sleep and relaxation, TEMPUS-1S has been enhanced with “Natural Sounds” including birdsong, forest rain, thunderstorm and lapping waves. These digitally recorded natural sounds can be listened to as background music, used as an alarm tone or played for up to 90 minutes before gradually fading out to silence once the user is asleep.Pure Digital TEMPUS-1S features a new OLED display, providing crystal-clear readability from any angle and a light sensor which automatically adjusts display brightness. Other new features include: more station presets (30 DAB or FM); an auxiliary input to connect an iPod or MiniDisc player; Intellitext for browsing stored scrolling text, textSCAN to pause and control scrolling text and FM with RDS for maximum station choice.

Pure Digital TEMPUS-1S is designed to minimize environmental impact, with a standby power consumption of less than 1W, packaging made from a minimum of 70% recycled material, finished with water based varnish, and documentation printed with soya-based ink on 100% recycled paper. The real wood, cherry veneer casework that encapsulates the TEMPUS’s classic design has been subtly enhanced with a new grill, larger, easier-to-see buttons, metalized knobs and a light sensor to automatically set the display brightness. TEMPUS-1S will be available for approximately $ 201 in September.