A rare selection of salted herring roe sold for a record price of $900 per kilogram in Japan

A rare selection of salted herring roe — a traditional Japanese New Year’s dish said to bring good luck — fetched a record price of more than 100,000 yen (over $900) per kilogram at a wholesale market auction at Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market. Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market handled salted red herring from the United States, Canada and some of the highest-grade caviar from Hokkaido for its opening auction of the New Year’s produce Herring roe, or “kazunoko,” meaning number (kazu) and child (ko) in Japanese. The auction price is expected to be higher this year due to a drop in the Pacific herring haul compared with last year. This is a record sale for salted herring roe at the market.

Regularly processed salted herring roe this year is sold for 10,000 yen ($90) per kg, the same amount as last year. As the end of the year approaches demand for salted herring roe, sold at department stores and supermarkets in Japan rises. Canada is a favored source for salted herring roe among Japanese.

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