Reliance Energy to use Google PowerMeter software to help consumers to save energy and cut electricity bills

Eight companies from the United States, Canada and India have agreed to use Google PowerMeter that will help consumers save energy and cut electricity bills. The companies include Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited of Canada and India’s Reliance Energy. Google PowerMeter is software tool that enables consumers to receive their home electricity consumption information almost in real time right from their computers. The Google PowerMeter software needs access to an advanced energy meter, known as a “smart meter”, which is capable of giving detailed information about power consumption and translate it into easy-to-understand information to help people see where they could cut back.

There are currently around 40 million smart meters in use around the world, although energy companies plan to install some 100 million more in the next few years, according to Google.Users will be able to monitor the PowerMeter through their computers and other web-enabled devices using a special widget embedded on their personalised iGoogle homepage.