Renesas announces World’s Highest Performance 32-Bit All Flash Microcontrollers

Renesas Electronics today announced the availability of two new 32-bit All Flash microcontrollers, the µPD70F3515 and the µPD70F3515, with processing performance of 1024 Dhrystone MIPS (million instructions per second) at a clock speed of 200 megahertz (MHz), the worlds highest among existing 32-bit dual-core MCUs with embedded flash memory. The new MCUs have two built-in CPU cores, 64 kilobytes (KB) of random access memory (RAM) available for each core and two megabytes (MB) of flash memory and an additional 64KB system RAM are available in a 304-pin fine pitch ball grid array (FBGA) package.

The new higher-performance, single-chip MCUs are ideal for factory automation (FA) systems, printers, home information appliances and household equipment.