RME unveils world’s first USB3 audio interface and smallest portable interface –RME MADIface XT

The RME MADIface XT is the world’s first USB3 audio interface – and the world’s smallest portable interface that provides access to hundreds of audio channels in such a small package. The RME MADIface XT is the only device providing the fastest interfacing technologies available for maximum channel count and lowest latency in a mobile solution. Three 64-channel MADI I/Os are accompanied by 4 MIDI I/Os, one stereo AES/EBU and a word clock I/O. To bring together the most complete I/O set for live or studio usage, two digitally controlled high-end mic/line preamps, two balanced line outputs and one stereo phones output, all fully 192 kHz capable, are included.
totalmix_Madiface XTThe MADIface XT includes a powerful digital real-time mixer, the Hammerfall DSP mixer, based on RME’s unique, sample-rate independent TotalMix technology. It allows for practically unlimited mixing and routing operations, with all inputs and playback channels simultaneously, to any hardware output.
madiface_xt_frontThe RME MADIface XT connects to the computer via USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and PCI Express. Using a Thunderbolt to PCI Express adapter, the XT connects to Thunderbolt as well, with the added advantage of a much longer cable connection. For perfect desktop operation (monitoring, remote control) you can connect the optional advanced remote control to the XT.

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