Safest breast cancer check-up process takes a mere 30 seconds!

Scientists in Korea have developed a new diagnostic machine for the detection of breast cancer that promises to be more accurate, comfortable, non-invasive, and most of all safer than any other imaging tool currently in use, such as X-ray, MRI and PET machines. This state-of-the-art system, called Breast Cancer Spectrum Tomography, or BCST, distinguishes normal tissue from cancerous growths by measuring the permittivity of cells — in other words, their response to electric fields. One of the best features of this diagnostic machine is that it isn’t harmful to one’s body, unlike X-ray mammograms which can expose a patient to large doses of radiation. Plus the entire check-up process takes a mere 30 seconds.

Not only can the BCST detect tumors that are as small as five mm in diameter but it is also over 90 percent accurate. The system is expected to become available to the public in just a few years’ time as developers are close to beginning clinical trials.