Samsung 2014 Smart Control features faster and more accurate control features as well as Soccer Mode

Samsung will unveil its 2014 Samsung Smart Control at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The 2014 Samsung Smart Control, the updated version of its Smart TV remote control features faster and more accurate control features, better content selection, and an improved design. The 2014 Samsung Smart Control combines gesture-recognition with a new button console and touch pad to provide frequent Internet video users with more accurate content selection and faster focus movement. The 2014 Samsung Smart Control includes Voice Interaction functionality, enabling users to find Web or video content quickly and conveniently using natural language. Users can speak directly at the remote to navigate immediately to their desired content.

On the Movie/Drama/App menu listing on the Smart TV screen, users can easily shift between menu items via gestures. Users can also select and access their content more accurately by using four directional buttons. The 2014 Smart Control includes separate buttons for Multi-Link Screen, a function enabling users to watch multiple contents simultaneously on a single screen, as well as Soccer Mode, which allows viewers to optimize viewing for soccer programs with a single button. The new remote also brings up the virtual remote keyboard more easily and quickly. The touchpad on the new remote is also over 80 percent smaller than in the 2013 version and has been designed for easier use, including short-cuts to frequently used functions.