Samsung develops Mini Rotary Compressor about the size of a 355ml soda can

Samsung today announced a breakthrough in compressor technology by successfully developing a lighter, more compact and more efficient Samsung Mini Rotary Compressor. Samsung has reduced the weight and the size of the rotary compressor to about one-fourth of a conventional compressor, which is about the size of a 355ml soda can. By developing the Samsung mini rotary compressor, Samsung has acquired the technology to make current refrigerators, washing machines, etc even slimmer, quieter and energy efficient or even produce portable refrigeration products, thus home appliances for individual use.

Samsung_Mini Rotary Compressor _weightThe Samsung Mini Rotary Compressor combines high efficiency motor design technology, compressing technology that minimizes the loss of refrigerant, nano-manufacturing technology and control technology, all of which has resulted in a 35% increase in efficiency. The Samsung Mini Rotary Compressor has a noise level similar to a library. This was possible through a Twin Pump that features two press chambers that maintains a constant motor speed regardless of the load and ‘Torque Control’ technology.
Samsung_Mini Rotary Compressor _twinpumpThe Twin Pump (Compressor) reduces the vibration up to 89% compared to the single compressor. The Torque Control reduces vibration and keeps it low over all running frequency ranges – even up to 88% compared to the Twin rotary without it.. It achieves this by using a high-efficiency variable speed (BLDC) motor and sine wave control algorithms.
Samsung_Mini Rotary Compressor _awardThe new mini compressor observes the load torque pattern, calculates the revolution of the motor ahead of time to feed-forward the torque control algorithm, which decreases the speed-pulsation up to 62%. Long story short, it’s smart and flexible in terms of distributing torque. This new technology has been highly recognized by industry experts, and has been awarded the Technology award for the AHR EXPO, which will be held in New York on the 21st of this month.