Samsung Launches New Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Worlds First Clean Station that Automatically Empties out the Samsung Jet’s Dustbin

Samsung today introduced a new lineup of the Samsung Jet cordless stick vacuum cleaner, along with a compatible Clean Station that can deliver the ultimate end-to-end cleaning solution for the home. The new Samsung Jet can generate up to 200W (150W for Samsung Jet Light) of industry-leading suction power. The Samsung Jet’s industry-leading capabilities are made possible by its Digital Inverter Motor and the Jet Cyclone system. The Digital Inverter Motor incorporates an ultrasonic welded cover and diffuser that optimize airflow. The Jet Cyclone system features nine separate cyclones, each with 3-way multi-air inlets to minimize loss of suction power while securely trapping fine dust particles that are sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

The Samsung Jet comes equipped with a diverse array of highly efficient motorized brushes that provide various cleaning solutions to match different consumer lifestyles, cleaning habits, and floor types. Samsung Jet’s best-in-class 5 Layered HEPA Filtration System captures 99.999-percent of dust particles and allergens that normally would escape back into the air through the vacuum exhaust, providing a cleaner indoor environment. The Samsung Jet’s Washable Dustbin and One Click Detachable Brush Drum can be fully washed without hassle. The internal rotating drum located on the head of the vacuum cleaner is detachable with just a click, which means it can be washed separately as well.

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The newly unveiled Clean Station is an innovative dust disposal solution that automatically empties out the Samsung Jet’s dustbin to provide users with a simpler way to manage their Samsung Jet. The Clean Station incorporates a highly advanced dust filtration system that directly solves the issue of having dust fly everywhere while disposing collected dust from the vacuum canister. Users simply need to place the dustbin on top of the Clean Station to automatically empty out its contents. The Clean Station’s Anti-Dust Emitting Structure prevents ultrafine dust from getting released back into the air while the dustbin is being emptied out. Its air-tight design prevents 400 times more emission than conventional dustbins. It also has its own 5 Layered HEPA Filtration System that traps 99.999-percent of fine dust particles to ensure purer air in the room.

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The Clean Station features Air Pulse Technology, which pulsates the air in the dustbin to shake off trapped dust. The dust is then collected in a micro bag inside the machine, which can easily be replaced every two to three months. The Samsung Jet’s lightweight design ensures maximum usability and reduces strain on users’ wrists. The handheld body weighs just 1.66kg for the Jet and 1.48kg for Jet Light. This makes them 12-percent and 21-percent lighter respectively than conventional cleaners. Users can also enjoy longer cleaning times with the Samsung Jet’s high-capacity battery.