Samsung launches worlds first 90 nanometer Dual-Interface Smartcard Chip with the utmost security support

Samsung announced today the industry’s first 90 nanometer (nm) dual-interface (supporting both contact and contact-less interface) smartcard IC certified with evaluation assurance level of 5+ (EAL5+) from the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation. The Samsung 90nm S3CT9KW features significant advances in its integrated RF and crypto capabilities to make the new solution suitable for finance, security and identification applications. The new chip provides over 25 percent higher RF sensitivity and two folder faster encryption speeds in RSA and ECC algorithms, as well as greater performance and reliability than previous dual interface smartcards.

For enhanced encryption features, the new smartcard chip incorporates proprietary processors : a Samsung proprietary 16bit SecuCalm processor embedding security features and the Tornado2Mx2 (T2Mx2) crypto-processor for fast data encryption. The S3CT9KW adopts asymmetric cryptogram with RSA and ECC algorithms to provide users with the utmost security support.The high density 144 kilobyte embedded EEPROM provides sufficient storage capacity for biographic identification information including name, facial data and fingerprints. The S3CT9KW is available in mass production.