Samsung‘s Coolest Vacuum Cleaner Ever

Remember the Jetsons from Cartoon Network who had their own robot to clean up their house? Well, you can have one of your own soon! Of course it won’t talk et al but it will clean the house for you and has a lot of other cool features. And really what more do you need? Samsung recently unveiled a now robotic vacuum cleaner – the Hauzen VC-RE70V. This piece (that looks a lot like a toy laby bug) uses cameras to automatically generate a map of where it has cleaned the room already. And if that’s not enough, this little device automatically finds the charging station and when filled up with enough juice goes back to cleaning! And what’s more – the VC-RE70V also has 15 sensors to avoid obstacles! Now this is what you call a mean-cleaning-machine!

Available in Korea by the end of this month, the cost of this magical cleaning device has not yet been released. But if you have the money to spend, this sure makes for a worthwhile investment!
Via – Gizmodiva