SanDisk 8-GB Memory Stick Micro flash memory cards for mobile phones

8GB-M2-card.jpgSanDisk today announced that it is shipping 8-GB Memory Stick Micro flash memory cards to phone manufacturers and mobile network operators for testing and evaluation purposes. Primarily used in Sony Ericsson mobile phones, the SanDisk 8GB SanDisk M2 cards are ideal for the growing number of consumers who make their mobile phone—with its built-in music player, digital camera and video player/recorder—the centerpiece of their digital lifestyle.

At 8GB, SanDisk offers the largest capacity M2 card in the world. The new card will allow consumers to listen to more than 2,000 digital songs, or store more than 5,000 high-resolution pictures, or up to 5 hours of high-quality MPEG 4 videos.