Sanyo Develops Rain Water Purification/Sterilization System

Sanyo announced the development of a system using its original ozonation technology for purifying, sterilizing, and effectively utilizing rain water saved in a tank. By sprinkling purified/sterilized rainwater on places like a rooftop or on the outdoor units of showcases and air conditioners, heat penetration into a building can be reduced and the operating efficiency of the outdoor units can be improved. This system can save energy, especially in summer, and help reduce electricity expense. Rain water, which runs through a gutter from the roof, is captured in a water storage tank. Then, the rain water is purified and sterilized by the purification unit connected to the water storage tank. The purified rain water is conveyed by a water pump to wherever watering is needed (rooftop, outdoor unit, etc.) and sprinkled or sprayed. When there is not enough rain water, makeup water may be used.

Rain Water Purification/Sterilization System will be installed in the buildings of commercial facilities in Japan for field testing to verify its performance and energy-saving effect, and further research and development will be promoted toward its commercialization. In addition to sprinkling water on a rooftop and on the outdoor units of showcases and air conditioners, purified/sterilized rain water can be used for watering plants, rooftop gardens, and other places like a parking space, and also for cleaning the outside of a building, etc. Using natural rain water helps to reduce tap water use.