SANYO Drum-Type Washing Machine with Air Wash Wide Function

070327b.jpgSanyo washing machine AWD-AQ2000 is the World’s First Drum-Type Washing Machine with ‘Air Wash Wide’ Function. The new technology conveniently eliminates bacteria, odors, and dirt/stains from difficult-to-wash, delicate clothing and small items at home by utilizing the power of ozone. The improved Air Wash Wide function disinfect and deodorize items previously un-washable and has expanded its applications to include leather, silk and other temperature-sensitive items. Through the power of air (ozone), the ‘Aqualoop’ water recycle function has evolved to become the ‘Aqualoop Wide’ which is able to purify and disinfect bath water and reduce the amount of tap water used to a mere eight liters.

The Sanyo washing machine AWD-AQ2000 is available in two color variations- Pearl White and Metallic Brown with 9kg wash and 6kg dry capacity. The new washing machine will be available in Japan from April 20 for approximately 283,500 yen ($2425).