Sanyo eneloop air fresher cleans the air around you with virus washer function

Sanyo announced today the ‘eneloop air fresher’, the latest member of the ‘eneloop universe’ product lineup. This new product combines the benefits of eneloop portability by adopting the use of rechargeable battery for total flexibility, sporting a lightweight and compact design, with the benefits of Sanyo’s proprietary electrolyzed water technology used to clean the air with the ‘virus washer’ function. The built-in rechargeable battery can be reused up to approximately 500 times. Sanyo eneloop air fresher is compatible with three power sources-Battery, car cigarette lighter, or plug into outlet. The ultra-flexible air fresher can be used for the bedside, for the car, or on the go.

Using only tap water, the ‘virus washer’ function is able to suppress airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens such as pollen, as well as odors such as cigarette smoke and pet-related smells. The new Sanyo eneloop air fresher will be available in stores in Japan starting from February 21; 2008.It will be available in Marshmallow White.