Sanyo Eneloop mobile boosters

Sanyo expanded the eneloop universe, with the introduction of three new Eneloop mobile boosters portable reserve batteries that provide back-up power for USB-compatible mobile electronic devices, from mobile phones and portable game consoles to MP3 players. Sanyo Eneloop mobile booster KBC-E1S uses two eneloop AA batteries, the award-winning and revolutionary nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery. The other two boosters- KBC-L2S and KBC-L3S contain high-powered Lithium-ion batteries capable of recharging the electronic device at a higher capacity.

Once charged via the USB port or a power outlet, the nickel-metal hydride orLiithium-ion batteries are the ideal emergency companions when running on empty while on the move. The Sanyo Eneloop mobile boosters KBC-E1S, KBC-L2S and KBC-L3S will be on sale in Japan from December 2007.