Sanyo eneloop USB charger set

With the new Sanyo “eneloop” USB charger set (including two AA size “eneloop” batteries), you can charge two “eneloop” batteries using a USB connector. This is the first battery charger from Sanyo that utilizes a USB connector. The charging time is approximately 280 minutes for two AA size and 120 minutes for two AAA size batteries. The charging speed is doubled when user charges one battery at a time. The cable can be stored inside the charger after use and thus it is convenient for people to carry the charger with them.

“eneloop” is a concept based on recycling, or looping, energy. The first product in a series that embodies this concept is SANYO’s “eneloop” battery, a battery which proposes a lifestyle where batteries can be used repeatedly. These batteries can be immediately used out-of-the-package following purchase, be recharged and used for approximately 1,000 times, and be recycled after being completely used. The Sanyo “eneloop” USB charger measures 93x47x17.5 mm, weighs 48g (charger only) and will be available from May 21st 2007.