Sanyo GOPAN-Worlds first rice bread cooker can easily bake rice bread in every home from rice grain

With the Sanyo Gopan bread maker, you can enjoy making a wide variety of nutritious bread rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, etc. by using ingredients like brown rice and minor grains. Of course, just as other conventional bread makers it is good at making wheat bread, bread dough, and wild yeast bread. By taking a hint from the conventional rice-flour bread baking process in which rice flour is mixed with water, Sanyo has invented an out-of-the-box rice milling method which mills rice grain into rice paste after softening it in water. Further, use of a normal/reverse turn mechanism, which has been developed for use in rotary appliances, such as blenders, has enabled the entire rice bread baking process of milling (making rice paste), kneading, rising, and baking to be performed in one product unit. (Baking time: Approximately 4 hours).

Making wheat-free rice bread is easy. In the bread pan, place 320g of rice, 320g of water, 32g of sugar, 7g of salt, 5g of dry yeast, and 80g of powdered rice (joshinko). Select “Wheat-Free Setting” and press the start button. (Baking time: Approximately 3 hours 20 minutes). The Gopan bread maker is a product offering high cost performance and convenience by enabling bread making with the food materials around you instead of using a special bread mix. Sanyo Gopan will be released for sale on October 8, 2010.