SANYO introduces five new products with ‘virus washer’ system

SANYO a leading provider of environment and energy related products and services, based on its vision ‘Think GAIA”, announced today the sale of five new products, air purifier system, etc., with the ‘virus washer’ system which removes airborne viruses and allergens with electrolyzed water.There aren’t many effective methods to suppress airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens, especially those that exist in large spaces. In order to solve this problem, SANYO has developed the virus washer system, which suppresses and removes bacteria without the use of any chemicals. This system utilizes tap water which is very accessible and SANYO’s proprietary electrolyzed water technology.

SANYO’s line-up of products with the virus washer system ranges from home use to commercial use, providing comfort and safety for everyday life.SANYO aims to develop these products globally including those countries that are concerned with air quality such as Indonesia, China and Vietnam. SANYO will also go forward in testing the water quality of these countries in order to prepare these products for market deployment.The new products will be sold in Japan from Sept. 2006.
Via Sanyo