Sanyo personal navigation device highlights region where the rate of theft from a car park is high!

The new personal navigation device NV-SD700DT from Sanyo includes a large 7-inch touch panel LCD. The 345,600-pixel LCD panel is manufactured by Seiko Epson Corp. General PDNs available from other companies use an LCD panel with a size of about 4 inches, while Sanyo employed a 7-inch panel. Sanyo NV-SD700DT is a high-function PND, which features timer recording of 1seg broadcasts, the 3D map display, the dual-screen map indication, etc. Cooperated by the Osaka Police, the map data stored in Sanyo’s new PND includes information on areas in the Osaka region where the rate of theft from a parked car is high. The map screen on the PND has red, yellow and blue icons indicating the number of auto thefts each year. Sanyo plans to incorporate information on areas throughout Japan in the future. The Sanyo PND can be used at home as a second TV also.

The new Sanyo personal navigation device (PND) NV-SD700DT has a 4-Gbyte SSD memory capacity double that of the existing model. As a result, the amount of data on phone numbers, addresses, etc, is significantly increased, thereby improving user-friendliness when setting routes to destinations, etc. The Sanyo PND will be launched on April 24, 2008 in Japan for approximately ¥105,000 (US$1,026).