Sanyo Revolutionary Refrigerating Technology Requiring Just Half the Power

SANYO announced today the successful development of a refrigeration unit that uses the world’s first W-Multi System. The refrigeration units that use the ‘enegreen Supermarket Showcase Refrigerating System’ will be on sale in Japan from June 2007.By combining the ‘Consolidated Energy Saving System for Stores’, which centrally controls the showcases used in supermarkets to display cooled food and drink items, as well as the in-store lighting and air conditioning equipment, this system can achieve a maximum of approximately 46% energy saving. Sanyo’s ‘enegreen System’, which can significantly reduce energy consumption, doesn’t just offer a comfortable shopping environment for customers, but also addresses the issue of climate change by reducing energy consumption on the shop floor.

Sanyo is also considering expanding sales into the global market as a next step from now, in order that SANYO can offer the world a safe and reassuring environment based on ‘Think GAIA’.
‘Think GAIA’ is SANYO’s pioneering vision which aims to create solutions for a sustainable Earth by synergizing SANYO’s core technologies.