Sanyo San Ace 120 DC Cooling Fan with Large Airflow and High Static Pressure

Sanyo Denki has launched the San Ace 120 GV DC cooling fan for use in servers, storage systems, communication devices, industrial equipment and other applications. The maximum airflow and static pressure are increased by approximately 64% and 167%, respectively when compared with previous models. During the high-speed rotation, the fan features the maximum air flow of 6.34m3/min, maximum static pressure of 360Pa, power consumption of 36W, rated speed of 6,400rpm and sound pressure level of 64dB(A). San Ace 120 DC Cooling Fan has the PWM speed control function for external fan rotation speed control.

The San Ace 120 fan measures 120 x 120 x 38mm and weighs about 360g. The operating voltage range is 10.2-13.8V, and the rated voltage is DC12 V. The expected life is 40,000 hours.