Sanyo under floor inspection Robot

Sanyo “under floor inspection robot” can go around or over obstacles under the floor. The robot enables users to remotely inspect the leakage of the piping, corrosion and deterioration of structures. It is also capable of displaying images in real time. The Sanyo under floor inspection robot is operated by the user with a remote controller. Thus, it is capable of transmitting clear images of the piping and other structures while avoiding obstacles in narrow places under the floor. It also displays the inspection image on a monitor at hand. The robot makes it possible to automatically perform difficult operations in dark, narrow spaces, which is otherwise human-intensive work, and enables users to monitor the operations above ground.

Sanyo Electric is currently evaluating the robot in collaboration with housing manufacturers. The robot automatically creates the inspection report for easier data management. It can clime over the obstacle with a height up to 85mm. The robot measures 420 x 260 x 200mm and weighs as light as 9.6kg. The robot runs on a lithium ion rechargeable battery, and can be operated continuously up to 140 minutes.