Sawa SC-AH600 cleans and dries metal mask in just one minute!

The SC-AH600 metal mask cleaning system from Sawa Corp, Japan is capable of cleansing and drying metal mask in 1 minute. The SC-AH600 system allows a high-speed processing, which is 10 times faster than the company’s existing model. The system also features improved environmental performance. The amount of CO2 emissions in one cleansing and drying cycle is 7.7g per mask. This is about 1/17 that of the existing model. The reduction of CO2 emission is achieved by employing a non-heated cleansing/drying processing without a heater. To reduce the processing time required for cleansing and drying, Sawa SC_AH600 is designed to remove the cleansing solution by suction while it is still in the liquid state without gasification.

Sawa SC-AH600 measures 1,820 x 1,500 x 1,825mm and weighs 500kg. It operates at 1,500W. The maximum size of the metal mask processed by this system is 736 x 736mm and is expected for launch in Jan 2008.