Scythe HDMI-4P 4 port HDMI switch with remote

hdmi-4p300fu02.jpgThis 4 port HDMI switch HDMI-4P from Scythe, Japan allows up to four HDMI devices to simultaneously plug into the HDTV. The input terminal is on the front side and power is supplied via an AC adaptor. The 4-port HDMI Automatic Switch comes with an switch remote. The switch remote enables you to switch among the devices by selecting the desired video port.

Scythe HDMI-4P measures 142 × 68 × 24mm and weighs 98g. The remote measures 85 × 45 × 8mm.
Scythe 4-port HDMI Automatic Switch will be available in Japan next month for approximately 6.980 yen ($65).