Sega Home Juke Box

Sega Toys, Japan today announced the launch of home juke box. The Sega Home juke box reminds you the Wurlitzer model 1015-Bubbler – arguably the most popular jukebox design of all time. The coin mode is fun to play as you can choose the track to play-just like in those golden old days. The home juke boa comes pre-loaded with 20 old classic hits like- It’s a Wonderful World / Louis Armstrong, White Christmas / Bing Crosby, Tennessee Waltz / Patti Page, Rock Around the Clock / KOMETTSU, Bill Haley and His Only You / PURATAZU etc. You can also play your favorite music collection via the built in SD Card slot.

The Sega Home juke box works like a real old juke box and also produces the scratchy sound produced when playing old vinyl records. The juke box measures 200 × 340 × 160 (mm) and will be available in Japan from October 22nd for approximately for 29,400 yen ($ 290). Oldies as well as the young generation will enjoy playing this juke box.