Seiko Instruments launches SEA-Hybrid X-ray Particle Inspection System for Lithium Ion Batteries and Fuel Cells

Measurement and analysis instrument manufacturer SII NanoTechnology Inc.(SIINT), a 100% subsidiary of Seiko Instruments, announced the release of its new SEA-Hybrid X-ray Inspection System, which enables rapid detection and elemental identification of metal particles approximately 20um in diameter found in the electrode plates of fuel cells and lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Metal particle contamination in electrode materials, separators of fuel cells, and lithium ion rechargeable batteries causes heat and fire and decreases battery capacity and lifetime.

SEA-Hybrid automatically enables X-Ray Imaging, detection of metal particles, and elemental analysis. Speed of detection and identification of metal contaminants is much faster than conventional instruments. An X-ray imaging unit, fluorescent X-ray analyzer, and optical microscope are integrated into one system and linked to provide results automatically. The operator can obtain measurement results simply by placing samples, resulting in a significant increase in working efficiency.

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