Sharp launches 100th Anniversary Site

Since its founding in 1912, Sharp has made products known and loved around the world, and on September 15, 2012, the company will celebrate its 100th anniversary, an achievement made possible by the support of its many customers over the years. To proceed into a future in which Sharp continues to earn the trust of society, the company considers this milestone a new starting point from which to take on new challenges based on its Business Creed of ‘Sincerity and Creativity’. As a step in this direction, Sharp has designed a 100th Anniversary logo. And with a revamping of the Sharp Web site, the company is adding a special 100th Anniversary section introducing sharp’s history and other features. The new section was launched on January 1, 2012.

The100th Anniversary Logo is designed to symbolize three key themes: dedication to ‘one of a kind’, past achievements, and expectations for the future. The two interlocking rings of the logo represent a spiral from the past to the future. Between January 1 and December 31, 2012, the uses of this logo will include TV commercials, newspaper and other print advertisements, Web sites, product catalogs, in-house and external publications, presentation materials, and business cards. With the DNA of creativity that it has built up, Sharp will continue to use its one-of-a-kind products and businesses to offer new value and contribute to a better future for people throughout the world.

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