Sharp develops high-performance environmentally friendly paint from waste glass used in LCD panel production

sharp_led_light.jpgSharp has developed a high-performance environmentally friendly paint using discarded glass during LCD panel manufacture. Sharp plans to use the paint in aluminum parts of LED lighting. During LCD panel manufacture, when LCD glass panel is cut to screen size, glass edges are discarded as they are of no use. These glasses with high strength and low thermal expansion have excellent properties such as heat resistance. Sharp now recycles this glass waste. As it does not require a high temperature to melt, the glass is crushed to fine powder. This powder is used in making paint with characteristic of LCD panels- high strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance. The paint enhances the durability of products such as street LED lights which are exposed to direct sun light, wind and rain.

The painting process reduces two-thirds of coating time and also approximately 40 percent of film thickness. This process enhances efficiency and save resources and energy.