Sharp high-output white LEDs

Sharp unveiled at its technical presentation meeting in Tokyo the LED module GW5BWC15L00 with highest brightness consuming only 3.6W power. Sharp used green and red fluorescent materials in the GW5BNC15L00 and GW5BNC15L10, high-output white LEDs. The LEDs have enhanced color rendering properties for use in lighting equipment. Sharp GW5BNC15L00 and GW5BNC15L10 have color temperatures of 5000 and 6500 K, respectively. It is reported that the GW5BWC15L00, a standard white LED, uses a yellow fluorescent material while the GW5DWC15L00, which corresponds to warm white, uses yellow and red fluorescent materials.

The red and green fluorescent materials both feature wide wavelength ranges with 80 general color rendering index (Ra). Sharp claims that a product with a flatter wavelength range can emit more natural light. The new LEDs measure 18×18×1.5mm which is smaller in size than a 100 Yen coin. The installation of the lighting equipment using the LED is very simple.