Sharp HX-126CX humidifier with ceramic fan heater

Sharp will introduce into the Japanese market the new powerful humidifier ceramic fan heater HX-126CX that powerfully removes airborne household dust, pet odors and other absorbed odors. The new product is suited for high airtight apartments which can easily heat the apartment with the ceramic fan heater. For the first time the Sharp HX-126CX comes with disinfectant ion shower function. Whenever a person enters or leaves the room the function cleans the air. Every day when the device is turned off, the automatic humidification filter washing function rinses the humidification filter automatically. The humidification filter lasts for 12 months.

Sharp HX-126CX humidifier with 0.5W power consumption is made from fire-resistant resin for added safety and will be available in Japan from September 1st.