Sharp IC Module for IC Cards Certified Under US Federal Government Standard

Sharp’s IC module for IC cards has become the first high-capacity product of its kind to be approved for level 2 of the US Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 140-2. FIPS 140-2 is a US government standard used to accredit modules for storing confidential data. This certification is recognition of the advanced security of Sharp’s high-capacity IC module for IC cards. Sharp offers highly secure IC modules for IC cards. They boast not only proprietary encryption technology, but also high-capacity flash memory (1MB) for storing a variety of software: for things like improved physical identification of individuals through ID photos, vein patterns, and fingerprints, as well as applications for room entry and computer access authorization.

IC cards are used for applications like financial institutions, subway travel, and e-cash, and for official use as driver’s licenses and identification cards. This means they must be secure against potential unlawful access and the leakage and falsification of stored data.