Sharp launches world’s first Adjustable Color Function LED lamp that change the color of the white light with a remote control

Sharp will introduce into the Japanese market nine models of LED lamps featuring outstanding environmental performance, including high energy efficiency, long service life, and free of hazardous mercury. The model DL-L60AV LED Lamp features an Adjustable Color Function that enables users to change the color of the white light emitted from the lamp using an accessory remote control, an industry first for an LED lamp. Users can select from seven different shades of white ranging from a pleasing warm white to a cooler daylight white to match the weather, the season, time of day, purpose, or other preferences. This model also features a built-in Dimmer Function to adjust brightness.

Together, these features allow users to select the illumination they like best to complement a diverse range of interior settings by using a single remote control to change the color and brightness of the light. As the Sharp LED lamps have the same standard screw-in base and fit in the same sockets as ordinary incandescent lamps, they are simple and easy to use as replacements for ordinary lamps. LED lamps consume a small amount of electricity and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by saving energy. All models feature a service life of 40,000 hours.